Hearts and Balls

Hearts and Balls aims to ensure that those connected with rugby are supported by the wider rugby community in times of need.

Hearts and balls logoThis assitance can be long term or short term; it can be financial and non-financial; it can be directed towards and individual or towards a group; it can be advocacy and advisory.

Hearts and Balls works to connect people and groups to ensure that help is directed where it is most needed. It lobbies for change in the interests of vulnerable people and groups.

Origins of Hearts and Balls

Hearts and Balls was conceived in 1999 when a player from Lismore Rugby Club in Edinburgh suffered a serious spinal injury that left him paralysed. Lismore set up and ran a highly successful appeal which they decide to continue by widening its support to cover players and loved ones impacted by serious injury or illness and Hearts and Balls was created with the aim of 'helping rugby help its own'.

Over the past 6 years Hearts and Balls has helped numerous players and families impacted by injury, illness or bereavment.

The Hearts and Balls Charitable Trust

Registered in Scotland No.SC240234 Scottish Charity No.SC033927

Registered office

Caledonian Exchange
19A Canning Street