Alan Brown, Scottish Borders Regional Representative

Year Joined: 2012

Council term: 2015-2018

Alan Brown was born in Galashiels in 1956 and educated at Galashiels Academy, Hawick School and the Scottish College of Textiles.

He has played rugby for Galashiels Academy, Gala Red Triangle, Hawick High School, Hawick Trades, Gala 'A', Gala Star and Royal High.

A chartered accountant by profession he has worked in the social housing sector for the past thirty-one years and is currently in his tenth year as the Director of Finance and Corporate Services for the Eildon Housing Association Ltd.

He has served on the committee of: Royal High RFC, Gala Star RFC and Gala Wanderers RFC as well as serving as Treasurer of the Gala Junior Rugby Council and the Secretary of the Border Semi-Junior League.

Alan serves as a Trustee on the Murrayfield Centenary Fund.