Broughton RFC - Head Coach

May 2014 – Interested applicants please contact:

Broughton Men’s rugby team currently plays in East League Division 3.  We came fifth in 2013-14, and we are seeking to improve consistency, develop our players and attract new people into the game. We are a small club, but pride ourselves on our friendliness and our social cohesion.   Our objective is to develop our players to realise their rugby objectives, whatever these may be, through good coaching and mutual support.  We are currently only able to run one men’s team, but we hope to be able to run a seconds side either on our own or in partnership with another club.

 The Men’s Head Coach will be responsible to the Committee for all the men’s rugby related activities in the club.   He / she will be assisted by a part time assistant coach.   He / she will also work closely with the Women’s Head Coach to maintain a “one club” ethos, and will advise the Committee on all matters related to men’s rugby at the club.

 Specifically this includes:


  • Development of suitable training programmes, with specific targets for skill development and player development.   He / she will endeavour to attend training on Tuesday and Thursday evenings throughout the season, or make suitable arrangements for others to run training sessions.


  • Ensuring there is a consistent approach to player management and selection, possibly through setting up and chairing selection committee(s) for the men’s teams.


  • Ensuring that all players are properly registered in the SRU system, that all pre and post-match paperwork is completed and submitted and that all relevant SRU regulations re competitions are followed.


  • Liaising with the club physiotherapists to ensure player injuries are properly treated before players are selected again, and in any required injury reporting to the SRU.


  • Liaison with BATs management and coaching staff to set up player swap / loan / cover schemes consistent with the aims of BRFC.   This may also include liaison with other clubs for player loans, as allowed under SRU competition rules.


  • Communicating with all male players regarding selection, arrangements for matches, training schedules, etc.


  • Endeavouring to ensure that every player who wishes to play rugby is able to do so, at an appropriate level, subject to meeting club standards for behaviour, training, paying subs, etc.


  • Representing the Club at rugby development meetings with the SRU and the appropriate Leagues committees, or make sure a qualified substitute is nominated.


  • Ensuring player recruitment programmes are in place.


  • Helping to organise rotas for players to deal with kit, after match activities, etc.

 The Men’s Head Coach will be a member of the BRFC General Committee and will agree targets with the Committee for each season and present regular progress reports.   He / She will also be expected to submit an annual report to the AGM.