BT Club Volunteer of the Month nomination form

Club Volunteer of the Month

BT Volunteer of the Month nominations should be made for a person who has worked tirelessly to support the club in that month.

This may be a person who works away in the background and maybe not directly involved with the 1XV e.g. people who take care of catering, line the pitches, design a club website etc.

All nominations should be received by the last calendar day of each month.
The winner will be contacted by phone and a follow up email. All unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email.

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What has the volunteer been involved in this month to support the club e.g. their role and contribution? (500 chars)
Do they or have they had any other roles with the club e.g. former or current player, spectator, children play/played for the club etc? (500 chars)
In their words, the value and contribution of the nominated volunteer.