CashBack for Communities

CashBack for Communities is the Scottish Government’s scheme which take fund recovered from the proceeds of crime and invests them into programmes which provide activities for young people across Scotland including, but not restricted to, areas of urban and rural deprivation.

Enhancing Opportunities

Scottish Rugby has been awarded £2.25 million for the period 2014-17 for the delivery of a range of activities for young people. This funding is used to invest in the network of Club Development Officers (CDOs) delivering the Broad Participation programme, Street Rugby and Youth Coaching Course. CashBack funding is also used to fund 30 Schools of Rugby.

Broad Participation

CashBack funding is invested in the network of CDOs who deliver blocks of taster sessions in primary schools; deliver curricular and extra-curricular sessions in secondary schools; support school teams; support club volunteers; and help link young people into their local rugby club. Circa 200,000 young people per annum will participate in this programme.

Street Rugby (Diversionary & Referral Programmes)

The CDOs also deliver Street Rugby sessions designed to help disengaged and challenging young people get involved in a positive activity. This can take the form of diversionary sessions where CDOs are directed by police or youth wardens into targeted venues at key times to deliver a flexible form of rugby to young people who might otherwise be tempted into anti-social behaviour.

The referral programme is more structured and involves the CDOs work with identified young people referred to them by school guidance staff, youth workers or police. These young people are identified as being at risk of becoming NEET (not in education, employment or training) and the programme help them "learn to play"; "learn to coach" and build skills, experience and behaviours which can help them stay in or return to education or training.

450 sessions will be delivered across the two versions of Street Rugby per annum.

Youth Coaching Course

The CashBack Youth Coaching Course has been developed to provide a stepping stone into coaching and volunteering for young people with limited or no experience. The course is flexible to enable CDOs to tailor it to the needs of their group, but is based around the principles of providing a balance of workshop-based and supported practical sessions to help participants build their confidence and experience gradually. The course covers the role of the coach, safety, child protection and planning & delivering effective coaching sessions.

Upon completion of the course participants will be ready to progress through the RugbyReady course and potentially on to the UKCC courses. The course has been a valuable first step into coaching for a number of participants who have progressed into Scottish Rugby's modern apprenticeship programme.

Schools of Rugby

CashBack funds 30 Schools of Rugby across Scotland, where rugby is used to enhance the 'whole school' experience. Pupils take part in up to 5 sessions per week, with a focus on developing core skills, physical competence and establishing new rugby teams. Rugby is also used to support the Curriculum for Excellence, contributing to outcomes across different subject areas, and helping to improve attendance, behaviour and attainment.

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