Injury and Game Management

Basic minimum standards of pitch-side care have been established and communicated to all clubs and schools. In conjunction with the RFU, work on establishing basic minimum standards of pitch-side care is ongoing. In the interim period the basic minimum standard of pitch-side care across all levels of rugby is for a responsible adult to be present with the means to contact the emergency services.

The Team Attendant Course was rolled out across the country in 2010.

All team managers are encouraged to take the online IRB Rugby Ready course (this can be accessed at

Injury reporting

How to report a serious injury

Injury prevention

Basic physical preparation and skill development prior to playing rugby for all coaches, teachers and referees is available on the following download.

All players from the age of 15 are encouraged to complete the online IRB Rugby Ready assessment. This is compulsory for all under-16 in under-18 rugby and under-18 in senior rugby. The online IRB Rugby Ready course can be accessed at

IRB Player Welfare

The IRB provides a range of educational modules to help all stakeholders learn about Player Welfare best practice. Please visit to access player welfare information such as First Aid in Rugby and Concussion Management.

Risk assessment

Scottish Rugby is creating risk assessment templates for all areas of development, coaching and performance work.

Game management guidelines – including pre match protocol – have been produced by Scottish Rugby for all youth coaches, teachers and referees to use prior to games, to reduce any areas of potential increased risk.


Please go to our Club Accident Insurance Scheme page for details of our compulsory catastrophic injury cover and our suggested temporary disablement cover 'top-up'.

Frequently asked questions

Who is responsible for pre match risk assessments and is there a liability if something goes wrong?

There are no risk assessment procedures being implemented this year. We will work internally to develop risk assessment procedures for programs run by Scottish Rugby and we will produce game management guidelines for all clubs and schools to follow for the start of the season. If something goes wrong, all involved in coaching and refereeing are covered under Scottish Rugby's insurance scheme.

Serious injury report