Background information

Positive Coaching Scotland accreditation logoPositive Coaching Scotland (PCS) programme in association with the Bill McLaren Foundation

Background information

Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) is based on a highly successful US model, Positive Coaching Alliance.

Positive Coaching Alliance

Positive Coaching Alliance is founded on extensive research in sports coaching, educational psychology and business practice.

The programme was developed to combat escalating health and social problems. It was conceived by a man called Jim Thompson who, through his son, saw the “win at all cost” mentality of professional sport over-spilling into the youth sport. He observed that this results in negative experiences and drop-out from sport at an early age.

Positive Coaching Scotland programme

The Winning Scotland Foundation developed Positive Coaching Scotland by customising the core principles of Positive Coaching Alliance to make it relevant to Scottish culture.

After a successful pilot in Scotland, sportscotland is rolling out the programme across the country through local authorities and governing bodies. 

Tailored for rugby

In the rugby-specific programme, clubs/schools become partners by taking on the accreditation programme. This creates a personal touch relevant to the unique set-up.

With the rugby-specific programme we have the great honour of having the Bill McLaren Foundation on board. One of the Foundation’s goals is ‘to develop and promote the sport of rugby union and its values’. This aligns well with Positive Coaching Scotland’s aim of making sport a fulfilling, enjoyable and educational experience for young people.

Our Principles

These principles are an integral part of a healthy rugby culture, where we strive to win and teach important life lessons.

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