Coaching is central to developing, sustaining and increasing participation in rugby union as well as improving performance at all levels. Coaches work with a vast range of performers - some seeking enjoyment and purposeful participation, others concerned with making a living and some driven to achieve international honours. To be an effective coach, you will need to fulfil a number of different roles involving the technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects demanded by the game.

The quality of coaching is important to all, and whatever your reason for being involved, Scottish Rugby are committed to offering a coaching development service to help you become as good a coach as you can be.

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Introduction to Rugby Coaching


Level 1-4 UKCC Qualifications


Coaching Strength & Conditioning

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Coaching Workshops & Conferences


Coaching Resources

 Club Coach Coordinator
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 Are You Ready to Play Rugby? Positive Coaching Scotland


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 Modern Apprentice Programme  


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