Club Sustainability Award

To support the delivery of Agenda 3, Scottish Rugby is introducing the Club Minimum Standards (MOS) and the Club Sustainability Award (CSA). The funding for the MOS and CSA represents part of the investment that clubs receive – replacing the participation and sustainability elements previously contained in the Club Participation Agreement.

The other funding elements are continuing such as travel, player insurance, club development officer and referee expenses.

This change has been made to help clubs develop in sustainable ways by:

  • Introducing needs based funding. If your club is doing more to develop rugby opportunities in your local community, you need more support.
  • Setting clear defined levels - through bronze, silver and gold criteria - for clubs to achieve and providing incentives to reach these.
  • Separating the non-negotiables (MOS) and the negotiables (CSA).

All clubs will continue to receive support if they meet the Minimum Operating Standards. One of our intentions with the MOS and CSA is to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible, limiting the bureaucracy. We appreciate your time as volunteers in clubs is limited and we don’t want to divert your attention away from running your clubs. We have also designed the application process to help you with your club planning over the next three years across important elements such as adult and youth teams, coaching and referees.

Help is at hand - there is significant support through your regional Club Services Manager to help and guide you through this new process. In addition, there are domestic rugby staff and resources available in all of the CSA areas – women and girls, coaching, youth development and match officials - to help further develop your club and achieve the targets that you aim for over the next three years.

The two following documents will provide you with further information on the MOS and CSA as well as a user friendly application form. Click the link below the image to download the documents.

Club Sustainability Award Application Form

 Club Sustainability Award Guidance Notes  
Club Sustainability Award - Application Form Club Sustainability Award - Guidance Notes