Fixtures & Results

Tennent’s East Region League 3

Sat 3 Nov 2018
14:00Inverleith RFCvRDVC

Re-scheduled from 8th September as RDVC did not fulfil.
Sat 10 Nov 2018
12:30RDVCvQueensferry RFC

Re-scheduled from 13th October - RDVC did not fulfil.
Fri 7 Dec 2018
20:00Queensferry RFCvEdinburgh Northern RFC
Sat 8 Dec 2018
14:00Lismore RFCvWalkerburn RFC
14:00RDVCvInverleith RFC
14:00Dalkeith RFCvLiberton FP RFC
Sat 15 Dec 2018
14:00Lismore RFCvRDVC
14:00Inverleith RFCvDalkeith RFC
14:00Edinburgh Northern RFCvLiberton FP RFC
14:00Walkerburn RFCvQueensferry RFC
Sat 12 Jan 2019
14:00Dalkeith RFCvRDVC
14:00Liberton FP RFCvWalkerburn RFC
14:00Edinburgh Northern RFCvInverleith RFC
15:00Queensferry RFCvLismore RFC
Sat 19 Jan 2019
14:00Lismore RFCvDalkeith RFC
14:00RDVCvEdinburgh Northern RFC
14:00Walkerburn RFCvInverleith RFC
15:00Queensferry RFCvLiberton FP RFC
Sat 16 Feb 2019
15:00Liberton FP RFCvLismore RFC
15:00Edinburgh Northern RFCvDalkeith RFC
15:00Walkerburn RFCvRDVC
15:00Inverleith RFCvQueensferry RFC
Sat 2 Mar 2019
15:00Lismore RFCvEdinburgh Northern RFC
15:00Liberton FP RFCvInverleith RFC
15:00Dalkeith RFCvWalkerburn RFC
15:00Queensferry RFCvRDVC
Sat 16 Mar 2019
15:00Inverleith RFCvLismore RFC
15:00Walkerburn RFCvEdinburgh Northern RFC
15:00RDVCvLiberton FP RFC
15:00Dalkeith RFCvQueensferry RFC
Sat 20 Oct 2018
15:00Lismore RFC17 - 29Inverleith RFC
15:00Edinburgh Northern RFCP - PWalkerburn RFC
Match postponed (other)
15:00Liberton FP RFCP - PRDVC
Match postponed (other)
15:00Queensferry RFC31 - 43Dalkeith RFC
Sat 13 Oct 2018
15:00Edinburgh Northern RFC13 - 7Lismore RFC
15:00Inverleith RFC23 - 10Liberton FP RFC
15:00Walkerburn RFC10 - 89Dalkeith RFC
15:00RDVCU - UQueensferry RFC
Insufficient players: home team.
RDVC sanctioned 4 points for 2nd non-fulfilment. Re-scheduled to 10th November.
Sat 6 Oct 2018
15:00Lismore RFC41 - 29Liberton FP RFC
15:00Dalkeith RFC17 - 31Edinburgh Northern RFC
15:00RDVC60 - 0Walkerburn RFC
15:00Queensferry RFC24 - 34Inverleith RFC
Sat 29 Sep 2018
15:00Dalkeith RFC73 - 17Lismore RFC
15:00Edinburgh Northern RFC31 - 12RDVC
15:00Inverleith RFC79 - 0Walkerburn RFC
15:00Liberton FP RFC10 - 28Queensferry RFC
Sat 22 Sep 2018
15:00RDVC10 - 52Dalkeith RFC
15:00Walkerburn RFC10 - 38Liberton FP RFC
15:00Inverleith RFC29 - 24Edinburgh Northern RFC
15:00Lismore RFC12 - 14Queensferry RFC
Sat 15 Sep 2018
15:00RDVC26 - 28Lismore RFC
15:00Dalkeith RFC48 - 19Inverleith RFC
15:00Liberton FP RFC5 - 12Edinburgh Northern RFC
15:00Queensferry RFC69 - 12Walkerburn RFC
Sat 8 Sep 2018
15:00Walkerburn RFC25 - 45Lismore RFC
15:00Inverleith RFCU - URDVC
Insufficient players: away team.
RDVC sanctioned 3 points for non-fulfilment. Re-scheduled to 3 November
15:00Liberton FP RFC28 - 36Dalkeith RFC
15:00Edinburgh Northern RFC48 - 12Queensferry RFC
1Dalkeith RFC7610358:1462126030
2Edinburgh Northern RFC6510159:82774125
3Inverleith RFC6510213:123904024
4Lismore RFC7340167:209-423217
5Queensferry RFC6330178:159194016
6Liberton FP RFC6150120:150-30318
7Walkerburn RFC606057:380-323101

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