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Tennent's Caledonia North 3

Sat 24 Nov 2018
12:00Aberdeenshire RFCvShetland RFC

Fixture to be played as a double header with the Bowl fixture on 17th Nov. Early KO by mutual agreement.
14:00Kinloss Eagles RUFCvAberdeen University Medics
14:00Gordonians 2nd XVvHuntly RFC
14:00Aberdeen University RFCvStornoway RFC
Sat 1 Dec 2018
14:00Aberdeenshire RFCvKinloss Eagles RUFC
14:00Aberdeen University MedicsvGordonians 2nd XV
14:00Aberdeen University RFCvHuntly RFC
Sat 8 Dec 2018
14:00Gordonians 2nd XVvKinloss Eagles RUFC
14:00Huntly RFCvShetland RFC
14:00Aberdeen University RFCvAberdeen University Medics
14:00Stornoway RFCvAberdeenshire RFC
Sat 5 Jan 2019
14:00Kinloss Eagles RUFCvStornoway RFC

Rescheduled from 27th Oct 18.
Sat 12 Jan 2019
14:00Aberdeenshire RFCvGordonians 2nd XV
14:00Kinloss Eagles RUFCvAberdeen University RFC
14:00Shetland RFCvAberdeen University Medics
14:00Stornoway RFCvHuntly RFC
Sat 19 Jan 2019
14:00Stornoway RFCvGordonians 2nd XV

Rescheduled from 3rd Nov 2018.
Sat 26 Jan 2019
14:00Huntly RFCvAberdeenshire RFC
14:00Gordonians 2nd XVvAberdeen University RFC

Fixture reversed by mutual agreement
14:00Shetland RFCvKinloss Eagles RUFC
14:00Aberdeen University MedicsvStornoway RFC
Sat 16 Feb 2019
15:00Aberdeen University RFCvAberdeenshire RFC

Rescheduled from 27th Oct 18.
Sat 23 Feb 2019
15:00Aberdeenshire RFCvAberdeen University RFC
15:00Aberdeen University MedicsvHuntly RFC

Fixture reversed
15:00Gordonians 2nd XVvShetland RFC
15:00Stornoway RFCvKinloss Eagles RUFC
Sat 2 Mar 2019
15:00Aberdeen University MedicsvAberdeenshire RFC
15:00Shetland RFCvAberdeen University RFC
15:00Kinloss Eagles RUFCvHuntly RFC
15:00Gordonians 2nd XVvStornoway RFC
Sat 23 Mar 2019
15:00Shetland RFCvStornoway RFC

CRCC has authorised this fixture to be rescheduled from 1st Dec by mutual agreement
15:00Aberdeen University RFCvKinloss Eagles RUFC

Rescheduled from 10th Nov 18.
Sat 1 Dec 2018
14:00Shetland RFCP - PStornoway RFC
Match postponed (other)
CRCC has authorised this fixture to be rescheduled to 23rd Mar by mutual agreement
Sat 10 Nov 2018
14:00Aberdeenshire RFC68 - 0Stornoway RFC

Rescheduled from 6th Oct.
14:00Aberdeen University RFCU - UKinloss Eagles RUFC
Insufficient players: away team.
Rescheduled from 13th Oct due to a waterlogged pitch. Kinloss Eagles unavailable due to unavoidable military duties. Fixture rescheduled on Auth of CRCC to 23rd Mar 2019.
Sat 3 Nov 2018
12:45Aberdeenshire RFC51 - 14Aberdeen University Medics
14:00Aberdeen University RFC48 - 43Shetland RFC
14:00Huntly RFC12 - 54Kinloss Eagles RUFC
14:00Stornoway RFCU - UGordonians 2nd XV
Insufficient players: away team.
Rescheduled to 19th Jan 2019. Gordonians failed to fulfil original fixture and deducted 3 pts.
Sat 27 Oct 2018
13:00Shetland RFC62 - 5Gordonians 2nd XV

Early kick off by mutual agreement
15:00Aberdeen University RFCP - PAberdeenshire RFC
Match postponed (waterlogged pitch)
Rescheduled to 16th Feb 2019
15:00Aberdeen University Medics26 - 17Huntly RFC

Fixture played at Huntly due to a water logged pitch at Aberdeen Uni Medics ground.
15:00Kinloss Eagles RUFCP - PStornoway RFC
Match postponed (extreme weather)
Ferry cancelled due to high winds. Fixture rescheduled to 5th jan 19.
Sat 20 Oct 2018
15:00Aberdeenshire RFC65 - 10Huntly RFC
15:00Aberdeen University RFC66 - 10Gordonians 2nd XV

Fixture reversed by mutual agreement
15:00Kinloss Eagles RUFC61 - 26Shetland RFC
15:00Stornoway RFC36 - 12Aberdeen University Medics
Sat 13 Oct 2018
12:00Aberdeen University Medics0 - 46Shetland RFC
15:00Gordonians 2nd XV5 - 12Aberdeenshire RFC
15:00Aberdeen University RFCP - PKinloss Eagles RUFC
Match postponed (waterlogged pitch)
Rescheduled to 10th Nov.
15:00Huntly RFC22 - 19Stornoway RFC
Sat 6 Oct 2018
15:00Kinloss Eagles RUFC41 - 19Gordonians 2nd XV
15:00Shetland RFC36 - 27Huntly RFC
15:00Aberdeen University Medics0 - 55Aberdeen University RFC
15:00Aberdeenshire RFCU - UStornoway RFC
Insufficient players: away team.
Rescheduled to 10th Nov. Stornoway deducted 3 pts for failing to fulfil fixture.
Sat 29 Sep 2018
15:00Kinloss Eagles RUFC17 - 40Aberdeenshire RFC
15:00Gordonians 2nd XV67 - 10Aberdeen University Medics
15:00Huntly RFC15 - 45Aberdeen University RFC
15:00Stornoway RFC26 - 7Shetland RFC
Sat 22 Sep 2018
13:30Aberdeen University Medics17 - 47Kinloss Eagles RUFC
15:00Shetland RFC45 - 40Aberdeenshire RFC
15:00Huntly RFC12 - 39Gordonians 2nd XV
15:00Stornoway RFC10 - 24Aberdeen University RFC
1Aberdeenshire RFC6510276:911855126
2Aberdeen University RFC5500238:781605025
3Shetland RFC7430265:207586123
4Kinloss Eagles RUFC5410220:1141064020
5Stornoway RFC523091:133-42218
6Gordonians 2nd XV6240145:203-58117
7Huntly RFC7160115:284-169206
8Aberdeen University Medics716079:319-240105

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