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Waysiders Drumpellier Girls

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Girls West Conference U15 table

1East Kilbride Girls110013:94004
2Kilmarnock Girls10109:13-4011
3Oban Girls00000:00000
4Cartha Queens Park Girls00000:00000
5Falkirk Girls00000:00000
6Carrick Girls00000:00000
7Waysiders Drumpellier Girls00000:00000
8Annan Girls00000:00000

Girls West Conference Whole Club table

1East Kilbride Girls00000:00000
2Carrick Girls00000:00000
3Waysiders Drumpellier Girls00000:00000
4Annan Girls00000:00000
5Oban Girls00000:00000
6Cartha Queens Park Girls00000:00000
7Kilmarnock Girls00000:00000
8Falkirk Girls00000:00000

Girls West Conference U18 table

1Waysiders Drumpellier Girls00000:00000
2Annan Girls00000:00000
3Oban Girls00000:00000
4Cartha Queens Park Girls00000:00000
5Kilmarnock Girls00000:00000
6Falkirk Girls00000:00000
7East Kilbride Girls00000:00000
8Carrick Girls00000:00000

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