Coaching Adult Rugby Union

Qualifications for Coaching Adult Rugby Union (players aged 18+)

Below is an outline of each qualification (current or proposed) within the coach education model relating to coaching adult rugby union. A key change in approach is the integration of refereeing content into a number of qualifications, notably the entry level courses. 

Coaching Adult Rugby Union (UKCC Level 2)

Course Cost £75/ £250

APPLY for the UKCC Level 2: Coaching Adult Rugby Union

This course acts as an entry to the qualification for those coaches who are currently coaching 15-a-side rugby, but have not been involved in coaching children's rugby union. This adult variation will qualify you to coach and referee the 15-a-side game, gaining a Referee Level 1 certificate in the process. Through your work you will be better able to develop core technical and tactical skills and core values in your players in an active, purposeful, enjoyable and safe environment.


On completion coaches will be able to:-

  • Deliver rugby union coaching sessions and provide direction to other coaches
  • Understand the principles of coaching
  • Know how to plan, establish and maintain a safe coaching environment
  • Understand how to plan and support the delivery of activities that are age and stage appropriate for players
  • Understand how to evaluate coaching activities and understand how to evaluate own coaching practice


This course is organised by approved coaching centres and delivered by Scottish Rugby accredited coach educators. It will last approximately 34 hours (24 hours on course, 10 hours home study) and coaches must attend all three days to receive the final qualification


This course is competence based and involves on-course appraisal. It involves both classroom and outdoor practical activities, where coaches will be expected to participate fully in all sessions. 

Coaching Adult Rugby: Advanced (UKCC Level 3)

Course Cost £100-£400/ £750

APPLY for the UKCC Level 3: Coaching Adult Rugby Union Advanced

This course acts as a progression for experienced adult and youth coaches who have undertaken their UKCC Level 2 qualification. The course is aimed at head and lead coaches within adult and youth rugby, and those who are responsible for leading and managing rugby programmes at their club or school. 

The Level 3 course demands very high standards of applicants.  Level 3 looks to develop future leaders within the game who are equipped with the skills to inspire.  In order to benefit fully from the course and achieve the qualification, the coach should have a full range of experiences in a wide range of disciplines relating to coaching the game.  This can be achieved through a combination of appropriate CPD attendance coupled with well developed reflective skills and application of learning to practical coaching.


On successful completion of the UKCC Level 3 all coaches should be able to:

  • analyse participants’ current and potential performance needs and aspirations
  • plan a coaching programme according to agreed goals
  • manage a safe and effective coaching environment
  • deliver a coaching programme using a range of coaching styles and interventions to meet participants’ needs
  • manage and develop personal coaching practice
  • coach techniques and tactical concepts of rugby union
  • demonstrate an understanding of the units and sub-units and their contribution to team play and the principles of rugby union
  • demonstrate an understanding of the principles of attack and defence. 


The course consists of 3 modules, 2 of which are delivered face-face, and one as development in the coaching workplace, supported by a trained Scottish Rugby educator.  The course lasts one year and applicants should make themselves available for all modules.  The course is a mixture of practical and classroom based activities.


Assessment is competency based allowing you to be continually assessed & receive support & action planning throughout the course.  Coaches will also be externally assessed at least twice in their own coaching environment.



Coaching Academy (UKCC Level 4)

Course Cost tbc

To be launched in conjunction with the coaching academy structure and coaching academy. Date tbc

This course provides an advanced programme of professional education within the UKCC framework and expectations, which will enable coaches to become visionary, outstanding and knowledgeable decision makers. Coaches involved in this course will impact significantly on the performance of their players and on the sport in general. The University of Stirling will partner Scottish Rugby in the delivery of this qualification.


Please contact Claire Scott, Coach Development Administrator (Email:  Tel:0131 346 5167; 07773 082924) should you have any questions


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