Coaching Resources

Scottish Rugby has developed the following information and resources to support coaches in player development. These range from articles, drills and activities to coaching manuals and reports. 

Are you ready to play rugby logoAre You Ready to Play Rugby

2013-14 RugbyReady course manaul (pdf)

2013-14 Age Grade Law Variations (pdf)

2013-14 Policy Summary Booklet (pdf)

Are You Ready to Play Rrugby annual report: 2011/1012 (pdf)

Coaching Strategy (Clubs and Schools)

In line with the organisations 2013-2016 strategic plan, and the sportscotland coaching framework, Scottish Rugby has developed a new Coaching Strategy.  

Coaching Strategy 2014 to 2016 (Clubs & Schools) (pdf)

Game Coaching

Game Coaching Booklet 2013 (pdf)

Key National Themes

Key National Themes Coaching Resource (pdf)


Long term player development (LTPD) is a player centered approach to achieving a player's full potential throughout their involvement in Rugby.

Following Scottish Rugby’s LTPD Strategy (pdf) and the subsequent production of our LTPD Guide for Clubs and Schools and our Coaching Tag and Mini Rugby resource, Scottish Rugby has produced Coaching Tag and Mini Rugby resource LTPD Stage 1&2 (pdf) to support coaches and teachers who are working with primary school age players in the first two LTPD stages: FUNdamentals and Learning to Play.

Further to this is the Coaching Youth Rugby resource LTPD Stage 3 (pdf) to support coaches and teachers who are working with youth players in the third LTPD stage. 


Guidelines for Refereeing Domestic Rugby (2014/15) (pdf)

Safety, discipline and anti-doping

Child protection and welfare (pdf)

Scrum Ready

ScrumReady resource (pdf)

Specialist Skills

The downloads below are available to aid coaches and teachers develop players' individual skills. The specialist skills, outlined below, are vital to making the game of Rugby Union work, e.g. if a hooker cannot throw the ball in effectively, then it is unlikely that their team will consistently win possession at the lineout.

Lineout Throw - Lineout throw technique (pdf), Flat throw activity (pdf), Target throw activity (pdf), Throw with stick activity (pdf), Straight up throw activity (pdf), Straight up throw swiss ball activity (pdf), 45 degree throw swiss ball activity (pdf), Swiss ball kneeling activity (pdf). 

Lineout Jump - Goal Keeper Catching Activity (pdf), Ladder Bound Jump Activity (pdf)

Lineout Jump & Support Pivot lift activity (pdf), Split stance partner lift acitivty (pdf), Straight up jump activity (pdf), Pod of 3 acitvity (pdf), 3v3 pod activity (pdf), 4 cone movement activity (pdf).

Kicking Out of Hand - kick technique (pdf), Kicking in pairs (pdf), Single file kicking for partner (pdf), Single file kicking on the move (pdf), Kick tennis (pdf), Kick tennis with counter attack (pdf), Tactical kicking game 3v3 (pdf).

Scrum Individual scrum technique (pdf), 1v1 scrum (pdf), 1v1 elevator (pdf), 1 v sled/machine (pdf), 1v2 scrum (pdf), Team of 2 v sled/machine (pdf), Team of 3 v sled/machine (pdf),  Team 3v3 (pdf), 3v3 front row (pdf), 5v5 scrum with progressions (pdf).

The 1st Reciever The role of the 1st reciever in attacking team play (pdf), Games & activitys to develop the 1st reciever (pdf).


Nutrition Information - Delivered by Richard Chessor at National Coaching Conference Sept 2013 (pdf)


Please contact Claire Scott, Coach Development Administrator ( 0131 346 5167) should you have any questions.