New Scotland kit

Macron New kit unveiled Thursday 1 August 2013

Available to buy from Friday 2 August

This season we offered Scotland supporters the chance to design the international team's new kit, the first from our new Nearly! Purple and white thistle on dark blue by Jamie Sayerkit sponsor, Macron. We asked you to send us your ideas for the new shirt.

We received a flood of entries, from fans of all ages, and have now selected a shortlist of four possible winners. The shortlisted designs share some of the common themes we saw throughout the competition entries, and will be revealed closer to the launch date.

The designer of the winning shirt will be heading to Italy to see their concept become the real thing.

In the run-up to the kit launch, we'll feature a selection of your fantastic designs, which we loved, but which didn't quite make the shortlist, such as this purple and white thistle on dark blue by Jamie Sayer.

A selection of fans' submissions

Standard, change and test match kits by Ettore Zuffa, aged 11, Italy

Navy collar with white flash and logo by Ettore Zuffa

Navy shirt with collar, white flash and Scottish Rugby logo. Test match kit and change kit below.

Test match kit by Ettore ZuffaChange kit by Ettore Zuffa

Navy with Scottish Rugby logo by Richard Gray

Shirt design: navy with transparent thistle

Navy shirt with Saltires on sleeves and Scottish Rugby logo on the back

Maillot Écosse by David Domengé, Sendets, France

Blue with white chevron, thistle and Salitre

Blue with white chevron, thistle and Saltire

Tartan on a dark blue background by Julia Paterson

Tartan sash on a dark blue background

Tartan sash on dark blue - tartan detail on left

Mid blue with navy and white stripes by Dr Philip Holt

Mid blue with navy and white stripes

Mid blue jersey, with white Saltire stripes and navy accents

Stylised thistles by Sarah Toll

Purple thistle on dark blue with white accents

Thistle silhouette on blue background with white accents

Logos galore... by Leslie Law

Large Scottish Rugby logo, with mini logos across the chest

"The top fill area is made of mini logos which could be graduated to provide variety."

Thistle on blue by Jack Grubb, S1

Saltire with large hand-drawn thistle

Large hand-drawn thistle, with Saltire

Stylised St Andrew's cross with cerise trim, by Allan Sinclair

Stylised Saltire and cerise

The white portion of this design is a stylised St Andrew's cross. The purple represents heather and thistles

Iconic stag silhouette and Saltires by Ben Evans, aged 10

Iconic stag shirt by Ben Evans

Wrap-around grey stag with lyrics from Flower of Scotland on the sleeve

Scottish Rugby tartan with map by Robert Wightman

Shirt design: tartan with map of Scotland

Tartan and blue with Gaelic text and map of Scotland

The Red Kite by Jane Chrumka

A Scottish bird of prey. Saved from national extinction. Fast, powerful and efficient with itshunting.

"A Scottish bird of prey. Saved from national extinction. Fast, powerful and efficient with its hunting".

Navy with thistle by Scott McCall


Shirt design: navy with thistle

   Navy shirt with a fading white oval on one side containing a green and purple Scottish Rugby thistle

Mini Saltires by Shannon Dunbar

Shirt design: mini Saltires

Blue and white, with collar and mini Saltires on the sleeves and chest