Entry For Cup Competition - Urgent

Letter from Beth Dickens, Domestic Fixtures Coordinator, requesting cup entry replies to her asap. Please email her on [email protected] as soon as possible. Note only 12 teams will be allowed entry into the competition.Dear Clubs,
I am writing to you to ask if you wish to enter the cup competition this year. Due to a certain amount of confusion on my behalf this e-mail is coming to you very late. I apologise for this but trust that it will not affect the competition adversely and hope you understand my need to ask for a quick response so that I can inform clubs of their first round matches before this weekend.
The dates for the cup matches are on the calendar, by entering the cup you are potentially committing to matches on all of these days - this year they are as follows:

Round 1 - 4th February
Round 2 - 4th March
Semi-Finals - 25th March
Finals - 5th May

This year's cup competition will be a seeded competition, with seeding being based on the 1st half of the league this season. Up to 12 teams will be permitted entry into the main competition. Seeds 5 thru 12 will play each other in the first round (bye will be awarded if necessary). The losers of these matches will be entered into the bowl competition. NDL teams are invited to enter the bowl competition at this stage where, to reduce the burden of finding players for all teams involved, these matches will be played at 12-a-side. The winners of round 1 move through to round 2 where seeds 1-4 join the competition. Losers from this round go to the plate competition (semi-finals stage). The winners go through to the Cup semi-final.
Just a quick reminder - have a look at rule 5.19 and 5.21 regarding player eligibility in the cup competition - dispensation forms to play for different clubs will be available from me on request. Also, for the avoidance of doubt, the rules governing scrums, player-matching etc for any games are those that apply to the team in the lowest league for that match.

I hope all the above makes sense to everyone. Please can I ask for replies to this e-mail to [email protected] by Thursday at the latest stating whether or not your team wishes to enter the Cup competition and a contact name for the team for the competition (including current phone numbers). If anyone has any questions please get in touch with me at the above address also.

Best Regards,

Beth Dickens
SWRU Domestic Fixtures Coordinator