Kirkcaldy V Edinburgh Uni

Kirkcaldy Ladies started their latest game determined to get their first win on the league table after a spate of serious injuries has left them struggling for players. Unfortunately despite a valiant effort, it wasn??™t to be.
It certainly began at a frantic pace with neither team willing to give any ground and for the first 5 minutes they hardly moved off the half way line! Edinburgh defence faltered, Kirkcaldy won the ball and good team work made it look as if it would end in a try but their winger was stopped just short of the line. Edinburgh made the most of the possession and was rewarded with the first try which was converted taking the lead in the 12th minute. Kirkcaldy replied by running the ball down the outside into the Edinburgh 22. The lead changed every few minutes at this point with each side profiting from the others mistakes. Edinburgh managed some really strong runs which were only stopped by Kirkcaldy??™s equally strong defence. Edinburgh were awarded a lineout, deemed not straight, which gave the ball back to Kirkcaldy. However poor handling gave possession to Edinburgh and with a few loose tackles from Kirkcaldy it resulted in a 2nd try, 12-0 to the visiting team. 30 minutes in and a tactical substitution in the form of Donna McGrellis for Kirkcaldy sparked another drive down towards the Edinburgh try-line but a knock-on right at the 40th minute called a halt to their efforts.
The second half saw Kirkcaldy start on the attack led yet again by Audrey Laird, but a break in communication gave Edinburgh the chance to reply. Kirkcaldy lost 3 players to injury for a few minutes at this point but Edinburgh couldn??™t quite get the upper hand. An injury forced Kirkcaldy to make a substitution and whilst they were settling players into new positions Edinburgh took advantage. However, their poor lineout again went in Kirkcaldy??™s favour and metres were gained through the forwards continued attacks. This wore Edinburgh down and Kirkcaldy scored a try as Ruth Poole managed to break through almost on the touch line. No conversion but points on the board!
Edinburgh responded positively and kept up a prolonged attack. Kirkcaldy managed to gain possession several times often due to the consistent hard work from Linda Morrison but Edinburgh proved too strong, managing to fight through and touchdown in the 75th min, converting for a 19-5 lead which they held until the final whistle sounded. Although both teams came away knowing they had points to work on they had equally shown some very positive moments in the game!
Kirkcaldy players were: Tracey Downer, Fiona Milne, Katie Sheridan(Player of the Match), , Kate Latimer, Kate Underwood, Emma-Louise Emery, Maggie Jamieson, Sandra Laird, Kelly Vann, Julie Sanaghan, Ruth Poole, Audrey Laird Kirsty McIntosh, Jennifer Simpson, Linda Morrison, Donna McGrellis.