Ndl Peffermill

Sunday 28 October Peffermill Playing Fields, Edinburgh

Sunday 28 October 2007
Peffermill Playing Fields, Edinburgh

A sunny Autumn afternoon greeted Morgan Women's team in Edinburgh for their second ever outing. The 22-strong squad eventually trickled through the long delays surrounding the Forth Road Bridge in time to play their third match of the season.

Oban Lorne were only able to field 9 players, borrowing ladies from Stirling Uni to scrape together enough for a 12s match. The opposition looked quietly confident against the newly formed Morgan team, but this was short lived.

Morgan quickly took advantage of the stunned side, with Amanda Ewings exploiting a weak wing to score the first try of the game. Morgan were finally able to unleash the mighty power of their pack in the first fully contested scrums this season, which did little to raise their opponents' hopes.

Jolene Keddie replaced scrum half Louise Johnstone after the victim of her tackle came down on her hand dislocating her finger. But after a quick reduction by coach Grieg Mason and a wee bit of tape, Louise was back on at the first opportunity.

Oban seemed to momentarily regain their composure when the side were awarded a questionable penalty, taken hastily and the huge Oban full back thundered down the remainder of the pitch to score the only try of the day against Morgan. With the conversion bringing the score to 7-5 to Oban, Morgan quickly regrouped and Sharon Carstairs scored the final try, also taking advantage of Oban'wing to win the match for Morgan 10-7.

With Morgan warmed up they headed on to their second game of the day, a sevens match against new side Strathhaven. The significantly reduced pitch size led to some frustrating game play but Louise Johnstone got through with a try and Sharon Smart scored another two. A Strathaven player was then injured, unwisely trying to resist a Sharon Smart tackle, resulting in a dislocated knee cap. Even Greig decided that this one was a job for the professionals and the game was abandoned, waiting for the paramedics, leaving the score 14-0 to Morgan.

The Dundee side were then due to play an Edinburgh Uni sevens squad over a full pitch, but other arrangements had to be made around the ambulance that was obstructing half the field, still treating the unfortunate Strathaven girl. So it was a half pitch game with a faster Morgan side dominating the game. Izzy Sergeant notched up one try and another two from Sharon "Forrest" Carstairs concluded the scoring, 21-0 to Morgan.

With the autumn light fading fast, Morgan were straight on to their first and only 15s match of the day against RDVC, who were looking to avenge their 5-0 defeat at the hands of the Angus ladies in Glasgow.

It was a tough game, with both sides tiring late on in the day and despite RDVC pushing hard, they were unable to break Morgan's defences. Sharon Smart put an end to any advances by the RDVC players with some ferocious tackling, that really separated the women from the girls, earning her the well deserved title of woman of the match.

A frustrated RDVC side had to settle for a scoreless draw with Morgan and now have to share the coveted top spot with the Dundee team, implying that they could be the main challengers for the title this season.

Morgan's women's side were delighted with the performance of their ever growing squad, with debut performances from Karen Damian, Lissa Herron, Natalie Lieb, Danielle Miller and Ainish Arizmendi. Their accomplishments were testament to the hard work and commitment from both players and the coaches, supporting from the sidelines, Grieg Mason and Ian Cavanagh.