Duck Dodge 'Em & Weave

ImageGlasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby Club Lock Horns at Xscape

Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby Club_ are accustomed to bruising confrontations, but the clash of the titans took place in a new arena on Tuesday 20 May when the two professional rugby clubs went head-to-head""in dodgem cars.

The head-to-head took place in Xscape Braehead as the back-room boys and girls of both teams attended a joint team building exercise in the _70m entertainment destination.

Colin Reid, Xscape's Marketing Manager, said: "Xscape is delighted to welcome staff from both of Scotland's professional rugby teams to the country's premier entertainment destination.

"Both teams have performed really well this season with an entertaining brand of rugby and a lot of that is down to the work of the backroom staff. Now hopefully we can lay on the same quality of entertainment for them here at Xscape."_

The Glasgow and Edinburgh staff members fought it out in Laser Station and on the Paradise Island Adventure Golf Course, but the real clashes came in the rest period when both teams are let loose on the Fun Station dodgem cars.

Ian Riddoch, Chief Executive of Glasgow Warriors, said: "It was the perfect environment for our staff to work together in a less formal environment. It's great to have such a fabulous facility right on our doorstep. It makes a lot of sense to be running a joint event for both clubs" backroom staff here - with the added advantage of a little inter-city rivalry."

Nic Cartwright, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Rugby Club, added: "With the success of both teams this season we"ve learned that team-working in a rugby club isn't just something for the players on the field.

"It's great to have such a range of activities under one roof as there is at Xscape Braehead. We"re really looking forward to reliving Edinburgh's long standing rivalry with our colleagues at Glasgow Warriors in a slightly different sporting arena"

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