Easson Hooked On Fishing Club

ImageAndrew Easson revealed the Edinburgh squad have been chatting about producing the perfect tackle and recording memorable catches, but, rather than talking about honing their defensive skills, the players are planning to go fishing as part of a new hobby club.

Despite being completely committed to preparing for the forthcoming season, the squad have decided to make the most of their free-time away from rugby by setting up activities; including fishing trips.

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Easson explained: "When I went to Australia in the summer, I went fishing with my Uncle. So when I came back I thought; "I want a new hobby " I want to start fishing."

'so Shoe (John Houston) and I got together and we decided to put together a weekly club where we go and do different things. We"ve got scuba diving, sailing, rock-climbing and fishing activities planned.

"We were supposed to go fishing yesterday, but the boats were all booked up. So when the next day off comes up on the schedule we are going to order a few boats and go off and fish. It could become a world-class pastime.

"I think it is important to have a hobby away from rugby, especially now because I coach Murrayfield Wanderers on Mondays and Wednesdays.

'simon "Cap"n" Cross is in charge of the sailing, Shoe is in charge of the rock-climbing and Ryan Grant is in charge of the scuba diving. It should be good for team building and it is something a bit different to mix up our weekly routine."