Attention St Holders: Which Club Are You?

ImageNew first team captain Mike Blair,_pictured_at Raeburn Place,_is Edinburgh Rugby_through and through but the Scotland scrum half also has a very strong affinity with local club, Edinburgh Academicals.

In accordance to that, we want to know about the other teams that our season ticket holders support from within or outside of the district.

Over the past season we have worked hard to build links with the club scene and are pleased to have over 40 associate clubs working with us to actively promote the game and Edinburgh Rugby._

As part of some recent research that we undertook, there was a really high percentage of our core support who indicated that they were also supporters of other clubs, so now we find out a bit more about our club.

If you are a season ticket holder can let us know who you support (as well as including your name in the body of the email).

Once we have received the responses, we are going to compile a list of Edinburgh's best supported clubs and will be working actively with all clubs to try to build our season ticket numbers through the club scene.

We will also be providing some benefits to the clubs following completion of the survey, so please take the time to let us know._

We will let you know in the next monthly ezine to Season Ticket Holders, which included an exclusive Q & A with head coach Andy Robinson who has the most fans.

Simply send us an email to [email protected] and telling us your name, and the Club that you support"".