Callam On Cook Friendship

ImageDavid Callam admits he will keeping an eye out for the result from Monday's ODI cricket match between Scottish Saltires and England " because his old school friend, Alastair Cook will be opening the batting for the away team.

Callam played cricket alongside England star Cook at Bedford School and says that from an early age he was a phenomenal cricketer.

Callam said: "He was always ear-marked to be someone who would go on to become a very special cricketer.

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"In his first game for the MCC invitational side, he scored a century and that was when he was 13. He has always been pretty handy with the bat.

"When I was in the first XI in my last few years at school he was already in the team. He played rugby as well, but he was a serious cricketer and that was his game. He was in the Essex Academy from a very young game.

'there are a couple of guys from school who have gone onto play first class cricket. There was one guy in my year called Will Smith who has gone onto play for Durham and Cookie (Cook) who both played for the first XI when they were 13."

A keen cricket fan, Callam believes the fixture will enable Scottish cricket to capture the attention of the nation's sporting public.

He added: "I"m sure it is a good opportunity for Scottish cricket to promote themselves against one of the top sides in world cricket.

"I think whatever sport it is there is always heightened interest when it is against the "Old Enemy", especially with a major sport like cricket. I think it will be an important game for the future of Scottish cricket.

"Unfortunately we will be training throughout the day, so we probably won't be able to go down and watch any of it.

"But we will be keeping track of the result via the internet."