Kirkcaldy Ladies Dominate In The Scrum.

Kirkcaldy ladies win their 2nd game of the seasonSecond game of the season and a second win for Kirkcaldy ladies leaves the team sitting 2nd in the SWRU Premier League a position they would love to maintain for the rest of the season. It was a tough game for Kirkcaldy with no rest as Edinburgh battled for the ball.

Edinburgh Uni opened the scoring with a well worked breakaway try but Kirkcaldy did not let the heads go down as a quick penalty enabled Val Zubriggen to drive over a hard fought opening try for Kirkcaldy. A try per game for Zubriggen so far- a habit Kirkcaldy would encourage her to keep up.

Half time score was 5-5 with both teams still vying for the win.

Second half began with the kick off for Kirkcaldy where they quickly won the ball back at a well worked ruck. This opened up space for Julie Sanaghan, player of the match, to have a fantastic run through 3 players to cross the line between the posts. A try converted with confidence by the other pea in the pod Val O'Neil.

However, it wasn_x0019_t an easy second half for Kirkcaldy as Edinburgh fought hard to regain the ball. Kirkcaldy didn_x0019_t stop working hard though and a fantastic piece of team work with multiple well worked rucks was rewarded by a try for Val O_x0019_Neil.

Edinburgh Uni were straight back up on Kirkcaldy though and were not going to give up the game easily. Kirkcaldy defended hard but eventually the defence had to give way to the Edinburgh prop forward as she drove over the line which was easily converted by their 10.

Kirkcaldy forwards dominated in the scrums throughout the whole game and this was tested in the last 10minutes as Kirkcaldy sat on the 5 for multiple scrums hungry for a closing try. Time was creeping on but Kirkcaldy were not prepared to rest, scrum after scrum was won by Kirkcaldy but a closing try wasn_x0019_t to be as Edinburgh eventually won the ball and cleared to the half way line.

Kirkcaldy worked exceptionally well as a team in the game and walked away feeling confident about their season so far. The ladies are looking forward to their first home game of the season Sunday 19th October versus Royal High. They are confident they will play a strong game and a strong home support can only drive this further.