First Game Of The Season...

Brilliant first run out...Team numbers down to only an 11 strong team lead Grangemouth to forfeit the match for a friendly and loose the point. However, the friendly match turned into a brilliant first run out for the Grangemouth Ladies team.

Recent training focussing on tackle practice provided a formidable defensive force and brought the opposition to the ground at every tackle. Grangemouth scored a try in the first 10 minutes of the match by Mairi Thompson. Cartha broke away and returned with a good run to the try line. In the second half Jay Bradford ran to the touch line for Grangemouth. Five more tries were scored by Cartha after several long battles right on the touch line. Captian Jemma Forsyth put in some killer tackles taking the ball from Cartha and presenting opportunities for Grangemouth to break. Wendy Forsyth set up the last try of the game and ended the match for Grangemouth on a high note near the final whistle earning player of the game.

Coach Donna McGrellis said she was very pleased with the whole team performance and felt this first match was fairly evenly matched. The team were pleased with their performance and thoroughly enjoyed the game. They are looking forward to the return home game with a full team.