Ladies Elite Back With A Vengeance!

Grangemouth Ladies 27 - RDVC 0Grangemouth Ladies 27 - RDVC 0

Between Thursday and the match on Sunday numbers for the game fluctuated from 9 all the way up to 17 on match day. As everyone can imagine it's a stressful time trying to get a team out in such circumstances, but we pulled it off!

Horrible weather dampened the warm up but everyone got stuck in and figured out who was playing where. Grangemouth kicked off into the wind and immediately were put under pressure by a fairly confident RDVC side. RDVC were camped in Grangemouths 22 for what seemed like forever almost scoring several times, only huge massive crunching tackles by our visiting side stopped them dead. It was a while before Grangemouth realised it be better to fight this battle out of their 22. RDVC pushed Grangemouth girls into touch several times and despite the wind conquered their first few line outs with ease. However, every time RDVC ran at us down the wing they were expertly tidied up by Heather who has shaken off her rugby cobwebs right in time for Halloween!

RDVC were all over captain Jemma at 10, so a quick change to game plan saw us pushing the ball out to the centres allowing Grangemouth to put the pressure on RDVC. Some excellent centre switching saw Susan run some fantastic lines right through the middle of the RDVC forwards who didn't see her coming. Susan gained at least 10 metres each time pushing RDVC right back into their 22. From this position some extremely strong running from no. 8 Laura Hanson sent her over the line for the first score of the game. Susan narrowly missed the conversion (it looked over) but kicking into the wind was always going to be tricky.

Scrum half Corrie continued to give good ball to Grangemouth throughout the game and try number 2 came from some great team work getting the ball to Laura again to do the damage. She really is unstoppable! From what I remember the first half also saw Jemma retire a RDVC player with one of those killer tackles.

Half time score 10 : 0 to Grangemouth.

At the start of the second half it was clear Grangemouth were on the up, some great rugby was happening all over the pitch. Jen S moved back to her more comfortable position of wing having played a great half at flanker. Maria swapped in and really upped her game looking right at home in the thick of it. Special mention to Alex who tackled hard and worked the breakdown like a pro ensuring retention of the G'mouth ball in contact. Our first try of the second half came from Jen S now comfortable on the wing and was converted by Susan YEAH!!!! Try number 4 came from Emily scoring her first ever try after a super piece of team work seeing Wendy F almost over herself. Speaking of Wendys, Simpson played a great game overall and I think she might be out of retirement for a little while yet?? A massive break by Maria saw her cross the line for Grangmouths 5th try of the day in a match that everyone, including those on the sidelines, thoroughly enjoyed.

In a team consisting of Wendy Simpson (Jens mum) coming out of retirement, Heather Vann's first game in at least 3 years, Maggie Hamilton's first game in what we worked out to be double figures, Corrie Malcom who delayed her holiday to play, Susan back after a 6 month break and Uni girls Maria, Mairi, Jay and Laura - we couldn't have done it without them!

K. Campbell, A. Chapman, E. Emsworth, M. Forsyth, W. Simpson, W. Forsyth, J. Simpson, C. Malcolm, J. Forsyth, S. Ferguson, H. Vann, L. Hanson, M. Omma, J. Bradford, M. Thomson,

M. Hamilton, R. Lawson

Thanks to Laura for carrying the medi bag and T, Vikki + co for their fab support and Becky for super effort with the water.