New Volunteers

The Exiles programme has been growing in playing numbers during the last couple of years, but also in terms of volunteers. New coaches, team managers, and other volunteers keen to assist in the talent identification and development programme are coming forward, with huge benefits for the network as a result. The development of a web of contacts spread across the country will ensure that more players have an opportunity to access the programme and maybe reach the highest level. Similarly more localized activity can take place ensuring that individual players gain increased support. As the Exiles programme in its current form is relatively new, two years old, the volunteer structure is beginning to solidify too. Regional Leads have been appointed to coordinate local activity in the regions. Although not all the areas of the country have been covered as yet, this is a huge step forward for the programme.

Regional Leads:
North West - Ron Tagg
North East - Dave Massie
Yorkshire - Roy McKay
East Midlands - Alistair Calderwood
South West - Crawford Morton

Hamish Webb in the London and Derek Serafini in the Warwickshire are also doing much to support the programme.