Birkmyre 32 – Renfrew 12

Renfrew travelled to Kilmacolm with the bare 15 players, and were made to suffer for the lack of substitutes. Playing up the hill in the first half Birkmyre had most of the territorial pressure and converted this into 15 points by half time, through 2 tries, 1 conversion and a penalty.

Given the threadbare team, frew were relatively comfortable with this deficit, knowing they would have the downhill advantage in the second half, but in the last play of the first half, frew’s stand-off was taken out late and was unable to take any further part in the game.

Matters got worse when the second half kicked off, when ‘frew Captain and talisman Richie Brown had to take time out following a blow to the ribs. With ‘frew down to 13 players, Birkmyre ran in another two scores and a rout looked on the cards.

However, Brown returned to play, and helped galvanise ‘frew. Advantage was taken of the hill to turn the pressure on the home side and frew were rewarded with two tries; firstly from Ross Armstrong following a series of pick and drives, and then from Scott Morran who kicked on a grubber from Seamus Brennan and used his speed to win the chase to touch down.. Seamus Brennan converted the first of ‘frew’s two tries, pulling the score back to 25-12.

Birkmyre added another score later in the game with ‘frew again down to 13 after centre Jamie Rice had to retire, and any chance of a ‘frew comeback ended there, but Scott Morran nearly grabbed his brace of tries with a fine run in the final attack of the game with a final desperate tackle stopping him a yard short of the line.

The Renfrew President Andy McDade was happy with the team’s performance ‘This was a bit of a makeshift team, with a front row playing at flanker, a flanker on the wing, and our stand-off playing there for the first time for us. I even ended up out on the wing during the second half when we were down to 13 at one point, and that was after being promised I could retire when I turned 50 last week. Instead I’m getting a hard time for letting their winger past me for their last try – he was about a 1/3 of my age. The second half was a morale booster and we look forward to carrying that spirit and level of performance into next week’s game against Hyndand’.

1) Stuart Ross 2) 3) Simon Brown 4) Ross Armstrong 5) Sandy Thomson 6) Richie Brown 7) Graeme Smillie 8) Gary Moody 9) Seamy Brennan 10) Nathan Astbury 11) Colin Guinea 12) Jamie Rice 13) Ian Macleod 14) Scott Morran 15) Alan Williamson