Mull 46 - Renfrew 5

With a number of their players on tour in Cardiff and Mull not offering an alternative date for the game despite a request being made before Christmas, ‘frew made the long trip to Mull with only 15 players.

And in a sluggish first half, frew suffered as Mull ran in 6 tries and boosted their tally with 4 conversions and a penalty to take a 41-0 lead.

However, as per the past two weeks, half-time seemed to provide a wake up call, with a Scott Morran try – ran in from the halfway line- matching Mull’s only score of the second half.

1) Stuart Ross; 2) Graeme Smillie; 3) Simon Brown; 4) Sandy Thomson; 5) John McNish; 6) Kenny Hamilton; 7) Shaun Moore; ) Gary Moody; 9) Dunky McKnight; 10) Alex Turtan; 11) Ross McNeil; 12) Jamie Rice; 13) Iain Macleod; 14) Scott Morran; 15) Alan Williamson