West U18 Div 2 League Explanation

The West Under 18 Division 2 has concluded and two teams have finished with the same points, Kilmarnock and Strathaven.

 The rule of the League state "when fixtures are completed, if two or more teams are level on match points at the top of the table, the result(s) between the clubs will count as championship tie-breakers.

If the league is home and away (which this one is) the two results between the teams will count, and if the teams are still even, THE POINTS DIFFERENTIAL OVER THE TWO GAMES WILL BE THE TIE BREAKER.

If the above tie-break rules cannot define a champion, a play-off will take place"

As both teams won a game each against each other, the league was decided by points differential, which is in Strathavens favour.  Therefore they win the League.