Rugby Forum

A positive and meaningful meeting has taken place last week between representatives of Hawick and the other adult clubs in the town - YM, Harlequins and Linden.

The pre-season get-together – which was held in the Mansfield Park clubrooms – has been hailed as extremely positive, and provided a unique opportunity for officials from the four clubs to sit down and discuss the future structure
of rugby in the town and possible changes to benefit everyone.

Greens secretary John Thorburn commented: "There was a willingness at the meeting to have a major discussion with basically a blank sheet of paper to create a structure to suit the town." Player movement, fixtures, travel costs and the number of players currently playing rugby in Hawick were also topics up for discussion, but the main debate of the evening was the need to develop an inter-club framework following the Greens' relegation from the top flight.
It was agreed that there should be a Rugby Forum for all clubs in Hawick on 1 November this year to fully discuss the best structure for rugby in Hawick.

Mr Thorburn went on: "Clubs will have the opportunity to bring their ideas to such a meeting where administrators, coaches and players will be in attendance. All in all, there was a positive outcome from the meeting."

All the other clubs who attended lent their support to the Rugby Forum meeting in November.