Deeside S1/S2 Rugby Against Aberdeen Wanderers

On Sunday 4th October the Deeside S1/S2 teams travelled to Groats Park, Hazlehead to play a friendly game against Aberdeen Wanderers.  The game started badly for Deeside with Wanderers scoring the first try only minutes in to the game when, despite some excellent tackling by Adam Thomson, Wanderers managed to move down the centre of the field to score under the posts.  Following the missed conversion and the restart, Wanderers again took control and after winning a lineout they quickly passed the ball along the backs to score an excellent try on the far wing.

Despite the two early tries, Deeside’s spirit was not broken and they took to the offensive with John Crilly making an excellent run down the middle with Daniel Graham in support to score under the posts, John also successfully converted for the extra point.  A quick restart by Wanderers and the use of a set move allowed the home team to again take the advantage and swift passes out to the backs got them another try on the wing which was too far for their kicker to make it over the posts. 

After some words of encouragement, the Deeside team again found themselves on the attack after the restart and after making some ground down the centre the ball came to Cameron Wood hands who didn’t waste any time in rapidly advancing down the centre of the field, pushing through a number of tackles, to score under the posts.  John Crilly stepped up and successfully converted.

Following the restart and after a number of rucks, the majority of which were won by the home side, the ball was again moved quickly around by the home team and despite some excellent tackles by Liam Hutcheon, the home team managed to work their way down the field to again score under the posts. 

After a brief interval the game restarted and with a number of substitutions on both sides the game became a little more even with a lot of play in the centre of the field.  Despite the spirited defence by Deeside the home side did manage to score and convert for the first points.  After the restart, the home team were again passing the ball along their backs when Matthew Hillier made an excellent interception and managed to carry the ball over the line and score under the posts, John Crilly successfully converted.  From the restart the Deeside pack controlled the ball and after a number of rucks, which were now being won by the Deeside pack, the ball was passed out to the backs and John Crilly wasted no time in carrying the ball from the centre line down the wing running through a number of attempted tackles and eventually scored under the posts, John also took the successful conversion.

The Deeside team controlled the ball from the restart and after some heavy tackling and rucking between the two forward packs the ball made its way to Liam Hutcheon who carried it over the line in the corner, unfortunately the distance was too great for the kicker.  Wanderers again moved to the offensive and after slowly moving the ball down the field a couple of missed tackles allowed the home team to score their 7th try of the game. 

After another brief break and words of encouragement from the Deeside coaches the game restarted.  The home team scored a further two tries with Deeside’s Cameron Wood scoring our only try of this period, this was successfully converted by Adam Thomson.  Despite the final score of 30:23, the Deeside team should be proud of their performance against a team that were significantly larger.   Note training for S1 and S2 will resume on 24th October at Tillybrake, check the website for full details.