Irvine Appoints Ian Noble As New Head Coach

Irvine Rugby Club is proud to announce that Glasgow Hawks centre and former Zimbabwe International, Ian Noble, has agreed to be the new Head Coach at Marress. Ian has signed a three year agreement with the club, and will take up his post at the Annual General Meeting on 19 April 2010.

Ian has played for, among others, Glasgow Hawks, Stirling County and South African province, Mpumalanga, and has previously coached Haddington, Glasgow Academy and in England. Ian has represented his country at the Rugby Union World Cup, scoring a total of 85 international points, and has also represented South Africa at a Rugby League World Cup.

Incoming Irvine President, Jim O’Neill said:

“ We are very pleased to have attracted Ian to Marress and that he has committed himself to returning Premiership Rugby to Irvine. His record speaks for itself, and I look forward to a new coaching partnership between Ian and our own Alastair Thomson and Gary Gibson, who have guided the club through the difficult times of this last season. Together I am sure that our new coaching team will return the club to the level that we have all enjoyed over the past three years.”

Further Information;

Jim O’Neill  07980 863108

Willie McVey  01294 271887