Susie'S World Cup Blog: 2

Heading into week two of the Women's Rugby World Cup on-the-spot blogger and erstwhile lock, Scotland's Susie Brown, mulls over medical maestros, McCord as Merton and match day one...


We have been in camp now for a week and have found that we have settled into the routine here. One of the major problems is that no one knows what day or date it is as we work in the cycle that is game, recovery day, training day, prep day, game and so on. This is fine in our little world cup bubble but, unfortunately, when you have to remember birthdays, anniversaries, work commitments and friends and family on ‘the outside’ this can prove a little problematic! It took Antiques Roadshow being on the telly yesterday to remind me it was a Sunday.

With only three days between games our medical staff have done a great job to keep us all ticking over – especially our very hard working physio Norma who runs the most enjoyable pool recovery sessions I have ever been involved in!

As mentioned previously we do have a bit of down time when we are here and so, to help fill the time, we have a very dedicated social team who organise little events for us. Most recently we have had a Room 101 social where we were allowed to petition to get rid of our greatest pet peeves. Taking on the role of Paul Merton was Jilly McCord who delights in these roles (she always plays Noel when we have a game of Deal or No Deal!). She greatly enjoyed ruling over what could be included and what couldn’t (perhaps it’s the power?!)

Results on match day one didn’t go our way and we were beaten by a talented and physical Canadian side. One of the benefits of a tight turnaround between games is that you have the opportunity to get back out there and have another go at getting things right. We are all looking forward to taking on France in game two, especially as it is one of Sky Sports featured games and will be being broadcast live. Coverage starts at 1:30pm on Sky Sports 3 – tune in as all support is always gratefully received!