24 Hour Festival Of Rugby

The Club will be holding a 24 hour festival of rugby at its Redcloak pitches, to raise funds for the Club and to promote and develop rugby in the Mackie, Mearns and Portlethen catchment areas.  The event will start at 10:00 am on Saturday 28th August and the aim is that every member of the Club will take part in a continuous series of rugby matches for a period of 24 hours, ending at 10:00 am on Sunday 29th August.

The event will coincide with the Primary Age Group Open Day, when we will be looking to recruit new members, and we hope that everyone in the Micros and Minis will take part in the Open Day in addition to taking part in the 24 hour festival.  The Open Day will run from 09:30 until 11:00 am, and the Junior Section will kick off the 24 hour festival during the Open Day.  The proposed schedule for the Micros and Minis contribution to the festival is detailed below:

10:00 am Rugby Festival kicks of with the P7s playing 7-a-side touch rugby for one hour
11:00 am P6s take over from the P7s with 7-a-side touch rugby for one hour
12:00 pm P3s take over from the P6s with 7-a-side tag rugby for one hour
1:00 pm P4s take over from the P3s with 7-a-side tag rugby for one hour
2:00 pm P5s take over from the P4s with 7-a-side tag or touch rugby until 3:00 pm

Please make sure you report to your coaches well in advance of your age group’s contribution, so they can sort out teams and kit – in fact, we would like as many of the P4s - P7s as possible to stay on after the Open Day until at least the end of the Minis’ contributions, just in case we are short of numbers or some of the players “run out of puff” and the coaches need some additional replacements.  Age doesn’t really matter, as it will just be tag or touch rugby (and the smaller players are often the most difficult ones to catch).

At 3:00 pm the 1st XV will take over for a scheduled league match, but we’ll need the S1s and S2s to turn up and be ready to play by 3:30 pm, as we have ensure there is continuous rugby during the half-time break in the Senior’s match.  The S1 and S2 coaches will decide the format of the half-time spectacular.

The S1s and S2s will then have a rest during the second half of the 1st XV match, before continuing their contribution to the festival.  The proposed schedule for the remainder of their contribution is detailed below:

4:30 pm S1s to continue festival with 7-a-side touch rugby for an hour and fifteen minutes
5:45 pm S2s take over from the S1s with 7-a-side touch rugby until 7:00 pm

Again, please make sure you report to your coaches well in advance of your age group’s contribution, and we would like as many of you as possible to get there early and to stay on until al least the end of the S1/S2 contributions, just in case we are short of numbers.

When the S2s finish their “slot”, that will be the end the Junior Section contribution for the first day.  However, we hope that many of you will stay on as late as possible to support the event.  You can even bring a tent and stay overnight if you want to see it through until the bitter end.

At 7:00 pm the Youth Section, the Senior Club and the Mammoths will take over for the night shift, with the coaches taking over at 7:00 am on Sunday for a one hour session, and then everyone is welcome to join in at 8:00 am (all age groups, siblings, parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends) to take part in some fun sessions for the last two hours of the 24 hour “Rugbython”, which will end with a mass countdown and a photograph of all the survivors.
As well as the rugby, there will be:

Bacon rolls to kick of the event at 9:00am on Saturday
Tuck shop and teas coffees, pies etc available from 9:00 am until midnight on the Saturday
BBQ available from lunchtime until midnight on the Saturday
Soup, teas and coffee available from midnight on the Saturday until 7:00 am on the Sunday (make your own and make a donation)
Bacon rolls for breakfast from 7:00 until 9:00 am on the Sunday

Pass the ball and kicking competitions – show your skill, and win a prize
Obstacle course competition – record the fastest time, and win a prize
Pick out a number – the closest to the total number of tries will win a prize

The serious purpose of the festival is to raise funds and we need your help.  Accompanying this note is a sponsor form, and we’d like every member (or family if there are brothers or sisters also in the Club) to collect as many sponsors as possible who are willing to make a donation if you participate in the event.  There is no minimum or maximum donation, just do your best to raise as much a possible.  After your contribution to the event, you will be given a certificate to confirm your participation, so that you can collect the donations.  Your sponsor money should then be passed on to your coach as soon as possible after the event, and preferably at the next Saturday morning training.

We are also looking for sponsors to pay for the festival rugby balls, and for sponsors for each hour of the event.  Sponsoring all the balls or an hour of play will cost £200.  So please get in touch with Adrian Brewster ([email protected]), Neil Foster ([email protected]) or Bob Richmond ([email protected]) if you, your company, your employer or anyone you know would be interested in sponsoring the event in this way.  Every sponsor will receive a photograph on the players involved in their “match”, and a Mackie replica shirt signed by the participants.

Finally we are also looking for help with the catering on the Saturday and the Sunday morning, so if you are willing to help out with the BBQ or Tea Tent, or willing to provide home-bakes for the Tea Tent, please get in touch with Claire Kelly ([email protected]) or Neil Foster ([email protected]) as soon as possible.



Mackie Junior Section

Find out more soon on the Mackie website at www.mafprfc.org