Twenty-Two Tries

The result was never in doubt in this Caledonia NE U16 league match, with Banff just no match for Deeside who ran in an unprecedented total of 22 tries.  Games like this, however, are not really much, if any, benefit to either side and unfortunately there have quiet a few mismatches like this right across the Caledonian NE league.  Indeed, all credit to the Banff side that, despite spending much of the game behind their own goal line waiting for conversions, showed good spirit and humour throughout and never stopped trying new tactics.  Although, as Banff were about to make one restart the ref spotted a Banff forward who had lined up on the Deeside 10 metre and ruled that such a tactic of waiting to catch his own sides kick off was not allowed.  Deeside controlled the game well in the first half and showed promise of their ability to play to a game plan. This was a positive as they will definitely need to work hard on team tactics when they face Ellon next week at home in what should be a much more closely contested game, neither side having lost a game so far.  Deeside’s tries were scored by Reid (3), Rennie(4), Christie (3), Hart (3), Wallace, Long, Watt, Morris, Earle-Wright (2),  McGowan, Crilly, and Gomez.