Selkirk Youth Club 28 V- Peebles Colts 15

Selkirk Youth Club were keen to avenge the defeat at Peebles earlier in the season and Peebles Colts were looking to get their season back on track.

A keenly contested, fluid game of rugby was therefore widely anticipated. Instead we got a game which was never allowed to flow and a game where the referee dominated proceedings.

We also got a game where Peebles had three tries disallowed and were awarded two yellow cards in the process – their first in over two seasons.

Selkirk started the game most positively, scoring from wide after 10 minutes were played. James May replied with a penalty bringing the score to 5-3.

Midway through the first half, Peebles were caught offside and Selkirk kicked the penalty.

Despite this, Peebles continued to put in some good phases and, with ten minutes of the first half remaining, had their first try disallowed. The referee was in the wrong position and therefore unsighted.

A five-metre scrum ensued and Selkirk stole the ball. Again, it went wide on the narrow pitch and Peebles were all at sea. A further Selkirk penalty brought the score to 16-3 at half-time.

The visitors started the second half well, but when another Selkirk penalty was short, Peebles knocked it on. Selkirk went blind from the scrum and extended their lead.

But Peebles dug in and the fight back continued, despite two yellow cards in the first 15 minutes for tackles which were deemed high.

The next try was from Dalton Hall as Peebles drove from a lineout 20m out. Ross Brown converted.

A raking kick from Ross Brown set up another lineout for Peebles to steal. Kieran Brown went off the back and passed to Cammy Murray who had Dalton Hall on his shoulder

Peebles were back in the game at 23-15 but suffered from another two tries being disallowed. The frustration took its toll and Selkirk were allowed a soft try just on full time.

A Peebles spokesman commented that this was a very frustrating day for everyone involved and that the players should be commended for keeping control in very difficult circumstances.
Peebles Colts are grateful for the shirt sponsorship provided by BARC Travel, their preferred transport provider.