Ayr - Interest Mounts In Usa For B & I Cup

The Pontypridd Supporters get ready for Ayr's visit.
Last season Pontypridd came in their hordes to support Ponty in the B & I Cup match
at Millbrae. 400 of them crossed the Brig O' Doon and enjoyed a cracking weekend
rugby Tour at the seaside. Well they're getting ready again for the reverse tie here's
some chat from their forum...

I live in the USA, and support, with all my heart, Pontypridd RFC.

Below are two of the latest excerpts from Ponty's Supporter Forum:

Too quiet..thinking ahead..

Pontydragon Not win/loss wise...Hospitality wise.

I recall that a lot of the Ponty supporters went up to Ayr last year. We got some great advance advice on here from ???? in Ayr, and received a pretty good deal and hospitality from the Twa Dugs, and they really did appreciate it. Matter of fact, Owen Kerr, from the TD sent me a Glencairn glass to raise a glass to him, Ponty, and Ayr, which I did, this past Thursday, our Thanksgiving (12 year old Glenfiddich - No, I don't know if it's 'top shelf' or not, but it was pretty good).

Anything planned to reciprocate the great hospitality that was shown by our Scottish brothers and sisters?