Senior Women'S Regional Programme

This season's programme aims to provide non international players with a more competitive environment in which to play 15-a-side rugby during the  three-month period of the Six Nations campaign and will run from Sunday 30 January 2011 to Sunday 20 March 2011.

Talent ID sessions will be open to any eligible female club player on 30 January. Further details of the programme are below and a registration form can be downloaded here

The Senior Regional programme aims to:
• Encourage all non SW performance players to participate within a competitive training programme to improve the standard of club rugby in Scotland
• Cover Stage 1 of the senior talent identification and selection process by identifying new, talented players in the performance programme (games will be filmed and viewed by the SW performance coaching team)
• Reach the entry point into the performance pathway, with players nominated for Scotland Series games
• Give players an opportunity to play two competitive games (outside of club rugby) thus ensuring they experience two competitive games in addition to their league games
• Improve the skills of non performance players to progress the general standards of women’s club rugby in the areas of core skills and team development
• Develop and engage club coaches into the performance programme to improve team play and individual core skills
• Bridge the gap between club and international rugby, providing players with an opportunity to get involved in more competitive games, test their skills under pressure and provide them with learning opportunities for player development
• Increase support for the SW  Six Nations home games (with regional matches played as curtain raisers)
• Create links to the Regional Skills Development Programme – catering for all players not involved in the performance programme

Programme Dates
• Sunday 30 January 2011 - Open Talent ID session (11am-2pm)
• Saturday 5 February 2011 - Regional Training (11am-1pm)
• Sunday 13 February 2011 – one venue prior to Six Nations match - Regional Squad Training (11am to 1pm) and Regional Skills Development Day (11am to 1pm)
• Saturday 26 February 2011 – one venue prior to Six Nations match
Regional Squad Match 1
Regional Skills Development Day (11am-1pm)
• Saturday 12 March 2011 – two venues - Regional Squad training (11am to 1pm)
• Sunday 20 March 2011 – one venue prior to Six Nations match
o Regional Squad Match 2
o Blitz Festival (12pm – 2pm)

Open Talent ID Day
• Content of Talent ID session– skills training and conditioned games 11am-2pm
• Clubs to send in registration forms to register players (aim for all club players to attend) by 17 January 2011

Training Syllabus
• Aims to develop and improve the long term skill development for Scotland’s women rugby players
• Training based on core skill development / individual and unit skills / team prep for games
• Attack
o Catching (varying heights / weights) and accurately passing, varying length and weight of pass
o Beating a defender – non contact / contact
o Fixing defender 
o Offloading before, out of, through contact and off the ground
o Recognising and attacking space with and without the ball
• Defence
o Manipulating attackers using good posture, footwork and line speed techniques
o Developing the range of tackle and post tackle techniques
o Applying these techniques effectively in relation to support players and the characteristics of attack  

• Two games against each other, aiming to improve the standards of Scottish Women’s competitive rugby and provide competition during the Six Nations competition phase (January to March 2011)
• Where possible, the competition will run alongside the women’s Six Nations’ competition programme (in the morning before the game)

• Eligibility – all female players based in Scotland are eligible to be involved in the Regional Programme (players do not necessarily need to be Scottish qualified, but 80% of the team should be / could be within two years)
• Age – players must be aged over 18.  Those aged 17 are eligible, but MUST have exception approval to participate in senior rugby prior to the Open Talent ID Day.
• No SW players will be eligible for the programme unless allocated to a squad (after coming back from injury, for example)
• SW U20 players will be encouraged to be involved in the programme.