Peebles V Boroughmuir

Peebles Scrap to the end
Peebles 6 - Boroughmuir 37
Stuart Paton at the Gytes
26 February  2011

The sun shone at the Gytes on Saturday but it sure did not shine on The Peebles! Already out of the cup Peebles were playing for pride and with the hope of taking a Premier 1 scalp to add to that of West Of Scotland. However it was just not to be. Peebles were beaten quite comprehensively by a bigger, fitter, stronger and faster side. Albeit we never let our heads down and scrapped admirably all the way to the end. In particular Euan Jackson who was not impressed with a particular Boroughmuir cuddle on the touchline. Amazingly Davey Paton came in to split the players up, rather than start a free for all! Must be taking too much camomile tea these days DP!

The game itself started off with Peebles being penalised in a lineout, then giving away a penalty for holding on, which the evergreen Ally Warnock despatched with ease.
Soon after a Peebles player was taken out in the air by Boroughmuir which everyone in the ground saw, well, with the exception of the ref and assistant referees. Unfortunately this was to set the tone for some very very strange refereeing decisions which the crowd got a tad wound up about! Had, perhaps the ref exerted himself from the start then there may not have been 3 wee dust ups during the game! Good entertainment,  on what is after all a contact sport!

Peebles were then penalised at the breakdown, with 2 Boroughmuir players in an offside position, one who even received the ball!  Peebles managed to exert some pressure but  Boroughmuir fought back with a tremendous sweeping move  to put Jordan Webster in which Ally Warnock converted to put Muir 10 nil up.

Peebles got a penalty from the resulting kick off and Neil Warnock converted to reduce the scores to 3-10 .  The crowd were then entertained by a Boroughmuir player we shall not name,  passing to his invisible team mate somewhere near the Tweed!
Peebles were then awarded a penalty from a great piece of turnover ball by Paton who picked up, drove on, then went to ground causing Muir to infringe. Neil Warnock's penalty was just short. Peebles then were penalised thrice rapidly for holding on and coming in at the side of rucks. Ally Warnock converted the last one for Muir to give them a 13-3 lead

A sweet move by Peebles saw Donald Anderson providing Neil Hogarth with a great ball and Muir again infringed at the breakdown  for Neil Warnock to cut the deficit to 6- 13. Much entertainment was had when a Muir player went for a high ball, which exposed his lacking of juggling skills and the ball was dropped to.

Then for the first very fleeting glimpse of Shannon, who ghosted in as sub for Euan Jackson only to be involved in a wee scrap which made him see red, and ultimately yellow together with Muir's O'Riordan who just seemed to be there for the boxing experience.

The second half kicked off with yet more strange ref decisions, with Boroughmuir taking the ball from an offside position and Peebles being penalised.  Peebles then lost their own lineout and Muir put together a tremendous passage of play for Nick Fraser to nip in and once converted it was 20-6 to Muir. Both teams then returned to 15 men.

Muir then came at Peebles in swarms as Peebles continually infringed at rucks or held the ball to ground. In fairness, Muir played quicker rugby and were faster to the  breakdown, which does  not  leave  the opposition with much choice. That is  the difference of P1 and P2 rugby.

Peebles were penalised again for coming in at the side of the ruck and Muir converted the penalty to extend their lead to 23-6. Neil Hogarth was then replaced by Adam Moffat and play began to get really scrappy. Peebles then pushed forward setting up ruck after ruck but struggled to make the gain line for all their possession. The ref then penalised Peebles three times in succession at the breakdown which led to another wee all in tussle. It was difficult to ascertain if the ref had actually lost control of the game altogether.

Muir then broke away for Malcolm Clapperton to score followed by Reekies conversion to make it 30- 6 to Muir. Neil Hogarth and Adam Moffat then changed shirts again, Jackson had his aforementioned tango in the grass. This resulted in more weird decisions at the breakdown, which gave Peebles a penalty, which they took quickly, with Muir not ten yards, however Peebles were then penalised at the ruck for being offside. Hmmh I always thought you took the first offence. Muir the provided the crowd with some fantastic rugby when Tom Bury ran the length of the park to score a great try which was converted to leave The Peebles defeated by 37-6.

We must take positives from this though. Muir are a quite classy act, and that is the kind of level we should strive to be at.


1 Andrew Brown 11 Neil Hogarth
2 Ryan McConnell 12 Dave McLean
3 Adam Clark 13 Dale Clancy
4 David Harvey 14 Martin Clyde
5 Mark Thomson 15 Donald Anderson
6 Alan Warnock 16 Graham Hogarth
7 Euan Jackson 17 David Brown
8 David Paton 18 Shanon Temita
9 Drew Moore 19 Matt Carryer
10 Neil Warnock 20 Adam Moffat