Scott’S Sevens Blog – Part 2

Scott’s Sevens Blog – Part 2

Scott’s Blog 2

After some long delays in Heathrow due to the high winds in Edinburgh, we finally landed in Glasgow at 12.30 am on Tuesday 24th May. It was a long hang-on at Heathrow, but the lads always seem to find a way of amusing themselves. We set up a game of volley and headers in the middle of the airport, this didn’t go down well with the security staff but various members of the public seemed to enjoy our skills and had their phones out filming us!

We can count ourselves lucky that we managed to get up from London that evening as the French team and Portugal team were stuck in London for a night then had to get a coach up! The Kiwi team had tried to land at Edinburgh but had to pull up during landing and divert to Manchester!

Preparation has been going well, we have welcomed our two new team mates in Jim Thompson of Edinburgh and Colin Gregor of Glasgow Warriors. Both are very experienced 7s players and have been heavily involved in the past with the team.

International 7s demands a huge amount of commitment from players who are all honoured to pull on the Scotland jersey. All of our days are controlled by the hour in terms of when we eat, sleep, train & recover. Despite this, Jim Thompson and I managed to get into Peter Horne’s room and masking taped some of his possessions including his phone, wallet, shoes, flip flops, hair gel, TV remote, deodorant, toothbrush and anything else we could get our hands on to the ceiling - He wasn’t very happy especially when his phone started ringing and it was stuck to the roof!

We trained today, Wednesday 25th May, at Murrayfield and things are starting to come together, the squad are all enjoying each others’ company and hopefully we can take that to the pitch with us at the weekend.

It would be great to see a big crowd out to cheer us on.