Captain'S Blog: Welsh Passion And In-Flight Snacks

As Scotland Women get ready for kick-off in their second fixture of this season's RBS 6 Nations, squad captain Susie Brown looks ahead to the game and reflects on the opening game last weekend.

"You can never be happy to accept a 47-0 defeat and as a group of players that hurt, a lot. Losing nine tries in a game is a heavy defeat but what we have to do is look at the improvements from last year and use them to build on going forward with the tournament. With the England game out of the way it is now important to get on with the real business of the tournament – tackling the other four nations.

As our playing schedule matches the men's fixtures, we are taking on Wales this weekend. The game is being played at Pandy Park, Cross Keys RFC in Caerphilly. I will not be involved as my injury hasn't settled quickly enough to be considered for this match and, while I'm disappointed as an individual, I'm channelling all my energy into supporting the squad and the 22 selected for this match.  The match should be an interesting one as Wales’ game against Ireland last week was abandoned just after half time due to a frozen pitch. It has yet to be re-scheduled but the rumour is that it will be played on the first off-weekend – the 18/19 February. Wales haven’t played a match since the previous Six Nations but are a quality side with a host of talented individuals and so we will be wary of the threat they pose. They have a strong regional programme and select their Six Nations squad from it. They also live and breathe rugby down there – I think the only country that matches their passion for the sport is New Zealand.

I will be travelling down to watch the game; that will be my closest match as Cross Keys rugby club is only a two-hour drive from my Oxford base – when you live in England and play for Scotland even your home games require a lot of travel!

Since moving to England in 2009, Heathrow has become a bit of a home-from-home for me. I travel a fair bit with my work also as the project I manage is run jointly between Oxford and Duke University in the US. The amount of air miles I have collected travelling across the pond and back now allow me access to the BA lounge, which is pretty nice, in Terminal 5. The ability to also sign in a guest also has made me distinctly more popular with the other exiles who are often keen to find out what flights I am booked on so they are in the airport at the same time. No 8 Lindsey Wheeler is becoming a regular travel companion but I am concerned the lounge staff will start noticing her as she is 6’1, blonde, and has a keen eye for snacks that are hand-luggage friendly!

Our kick off is 1pm so if anyone is in the area and fancies watching some live rugby before the game kicks off at the Millennium Stadium head down to Pandy Park."