Tryrugby Festival At Queen Anne High School

Queen Anne High School was the venue for a TRYRugby festival which included eight surrounding Primary Schools from the Queen Anne High School cluster coming together for a festival or rugby.

Two hundred kids in primary seven classes took part in small sided games that were lead by senior pupils of Queen Anne High School while introducing kids in the primary seven classes to fellow class mates whom they will be with after the summer holidays. The rugby programme has gone from strength to strength at the school which has been delivered by Rugby Champion Ken Wcislo and principal teacher of PE, Myles Erskine. The schools were brought together and co-ordinated by Active Schools co-ordinator Andrew Baird who commented on the TRYRugby festival saying:

"The festival is a great way to conclude the sessions within the schools and provides pupils with the opportunity to put the skills they've learnt over a number of weeks into practice. The pupils have really enjoyed coming up to Queen Anne High School to play so many matches and the senior pupils who facilitated the matches have been fantastic."

Councilor Joe Rosiejak was in attendance at the festival to witness the two hundred kids thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to mix with other schools in an aim to break down barriers to increase physical participation in secondary school using rugby as a means of making new friends and trying a new sport. Counclior Rosijak commented by saying:

"It is fantastic to see so many kids with smiles on their faces especially at this time of year with the 6 Nations Rugby Championships taking place and on television at present. They really seem to be having a great time and the senior pupils who are game coaching are leading the games to a very high standard which was thoroughly enjoyable to watch."

The TRYRugby festival is a partnership programme this is run by Active Fife. A four week coaching block in the primary schools was delivered by Rugby Development Officer Paul Hunter and co-ordinated by Active Schools co-ordinator Andrew Baird. If your child is interested in playing rugby at a local rugby club please contact Paul Hunter on 01383 602 393 at the Active Fife Sports Development office.