Scottish Rugby Council Election Result

The final Scottish Rugby Council election of the season, for the Edinburgh Regional Representative, concluded at 5pm this evening following a postal ballot.

Voters were asked to note their order of preference for the four candidates - Iain Goodall (Portobello), Jim Littlefair (North Berwick), Murdo Gillanders (Lismore) and Duncan Wood (Livingston).

The first round saw Douglas Wood omitted with Iain Goodall going out in round two; this left a tie between Jim Littlefair and Murdo Gillanders.

Under the rules of the election, if there is a tie in the final round then the ballot reverts to see which candidate, at the start of the voting process, had most first preference votes.

Jim Littlefair polled one more vote than Murdo Gillanders and has been duly elected as Edinburgh Regional Representative.