Night Time Rugby To Raise Funds For Wigtown Youth Section

Wigtownshire Rugby Club has recently been enjoying the idea of night-time rugby. Their latest event is to run a 24 hour touch rugby tournament this weekend at London Road.

The overnight competition which will run from 5pm tomorrow (29 June) to the equivalent time on Saturday follows the club’s last fixture, on Saturday 5 May, which kicked-off at 11pm against the Old Northamptonians, who were on a mission to play four games in four countries in 24 hours.


“Everyone is welcome; men, women, parents, children and grandparents to bring along a team of seven, and help the Club raise funds for their youth section” said the Club’s coaching co-ordinator, Davie Hunter.

He continued: “The senior players are aware of the need to grow the game of rugby in our area. Last season we managed to field two youth sides, under-16 and under-18, for the first time in many years; even the secondary school put an under-18 team out for the first time in 12 years.

“The first team players have become involved in coaching and they realise that keeping the youngsters interested in playing games is very important. However, there is a cost, particularly given where we are located.
“In an effort to meet these costs they decided to do something about it. The 24 Hour "Touch Events" was the answer they came up with, along with the "Total Try Count" wager priced at £2 a go, to raise funds.
“The local community has also got right behind the boys and organisations have donated small marquees to provide some shelter in case the summer weather does not want to play. The Luce Bay Group, Droughduil, Dunragit are donating portable lights so that we can play on our own pitch through the night. 30 club players will keep things going for the entire 24 hours and we have promises of over 60 others coming along at different times.
"This event is about raising funds for our youth section and raising the profile of the game and the Club locally. With it being touch anybody can join in and have some fun. I have heard the wives and girlfriends are coming along to show the boys how to do it. It might be the start of a touch league or perhaps we can discover new players for the club. It's all about having fun, everyone is welcome."