Border Club Wins Prestigious Award

David Hutchison and Robert GriggDue to the hard work of a 19 year-old coach and an army of willing volunteers, Duns have become the latest rugby club to win the Bill McLaren Foundation Positive Coaching Scotland accreditation.

Robert Grigg, the youngest programme leader to date, from the seven clubs who have earned the prestigious award, along with club development officer David Hutchison shepherded the club through the course and helped them to create an ethos whereby the “hidden potential” of everyone on and off the field within the club is fulfilled through dedication, enjoyment and team spirit.

Duns President, Tom Thorburn, said: “We’re very grateful to our young coach, Robert Grigg and Club Development Officer, David Hutchison for taking the helm of this project and driving it forward

“This is a major milestone for our club, and we are very proud to be one of only a handful of clubs to attain this award from Positive Coaching Scotland.  The award is going to give a much improved experience to all those already involved, as well as all the new players and volunteers we look forward to joining us in the future.

Club development officer, David Hutchison, said: “This award is going to really pull the club together. I feel this award is going to help give all those involved, whether a player or volunteer, a real sense of belonging.

I’m very proud to be a part of Duns Rugby Club which is going from strength to strength in all areas, and I look forward to teaching our new club values to our youth section this coming season.”

Tommy Boyle from the Winning Scotland Foundation said: “On behalf of the WINNING Scotland Foundation I congratulate Duns RFC on becoming the second club in the borders to achieve the Bill McLaren PCS Accreditation; we would encourage the leaders, coaches, and parents of the club to continue to build on the fantastic ethos which currently exists and reinforce those values by utilising the power of the positive coaching programme to its absolute maximum.

“Clubs like Duns RFC  are absolutely fundamental to maintaining a sporting environment where young people are encouraged to develop, learn vital life lessons and become the very best that they can be not only in sport but in life.

“We wish Duns every success in promoting the positivity which has been so evident at the recent Olympic Games and is fundamental in shaping the culture not only in the sport of rugby but in every sport, every community and right to the heart of today’s Scottish society”.
The Positive Coaching Scotland programme in association with The Bill McLaren Foundation operates as a partnership between sportscotland, the Winning Scotland Foundation, the Bill McLaren Foundation and Scottish Rugby and has the main aims to build and sustain a strong and positive rugby culture in order to develop young rugby players and develop young people through the sport.  This programme forms part of sportscotland’s national roll-out of the Positive Coaching Scotland programme through governing bodies and local authorities.