Design The New Scotland Kit!

Warriors fans are being encouraged to send in their designs for the new Scotland kit, after Scottish Rugby signed the biggest sponsorship deal in it's history.

New kit partner, Macron, will come on board in the summer to become official kit supplier for all Scotland representative teams as well as Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby.
A unique part of the four-year deal will see Scottish Rugby ask supporters for their views on the new Scotland kit ahead of its launch later this summer.

Scottish Rugby's Chief Executive Mark Dodson said: 'this historic deal for Scottish Rugby is very welcome news and I would like to thank Macron for joining us in this ground-breaking partnership.

'the new deal will start on 1 July when our existing agreement with Canterbury of New Zealand comes to an end._ I thank Canterbury for all their support of Scottish Rugby. Today is about welcoming Macron and looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership which will benefit our sport, on the international, top-level and community playing fields and for our supporters who pull on the shirt and share that pride.

"Listening to Chris Paterson, one of Scottish Rugby's all time-greats, I was struck by his view that he was really only "borrowing" the jersey._ There were great players who had worn it in the past and, we all hope, greats who will wear it in the future.

"But the jersey itself belongs to the nation and that's why we want to involve our supporters in what their team will be wearing."

Paterson, Scottish Rugby's ambassador, and Scotland's cap and points" record-holder, who wore the Scotland jersey on some 109 occasions and the Macron designed Edinburgh Rugby kit, said: 'scots, the world over, take great pride in the team jersey.

"It's so much more than a piece of fabric. It symbolises Scotland and all our heritage and tradition._ For me there was always a duty to fill the jersey and enhance that pride.

"It's great that Scotland supporters will have the chance to influence the new jersey when Macron becomes Scottish Rugby's official kit supplier in July."

Gianluca Pavanello, Macron's CEO said: "It is an honour for us to be welcomed by Scotland, one of the cornerstone nations of international rugby, where the game of 7s was born."""It is with great pride that we announce the entrance of the Scotland national rugby team alongside Scottish Rugby's pro-club Glasgow Warriors into the Macron family, while retaining Edinburgh Rugby, our first partnership in Scottish Rugby.

"We fully understand that these three organisations retain a very separate identity yet are linked by passion for the sport and share the end goal and honour to wear the thistle upon their chest. These fundamental values fit well with Macron's message of "Work Hard, Play Harder" and together with these great organisations we aim to spearhead rugby in Scotland from grassroots level all the way through to professionals.

"Working closely with the players, staff and the supporters we will continuously strive to develop high quality and technically superior products in order to allow all the athletes that wear Macron to concentrate on what they do best, which is playing rugby."

Supporters can send in their designs and comments on what the new Scotland jersey should look like to [email protected]