National Youth League captains ready for Murrayfield

The National Youth League Cup and Bowl competitions will conclude this coming Tuesday (16 April) at Murrayfield Stadium.

NYLC captainsSome four finals will take place as the under-16 and under-18 trophies are sought after. First up the under-16 and under-18 Bowls will be played between Highland and Ayr and Hamilton and Peebles Colts, respectively, at 6pm on the back pitches.

At 6.15pm Currie Colts and Hawick Albion will go head-to-head for the under-16 Cup, with Gala Wanderers and Stirling County finishing off the proceedings in the under-18 Cup at 8pm. The two Cup matches will take place on the international pitch at Murrayfield.

The competing captains have gathered at Murrayfield to look ahead to Tuesday’s finals.

Under-16 Bowl: Highland v Ayr, back pitches, 6pm

Ayr captain, Sam Gray, said: “We’re looking forward to the match. It’s a big opportunity to play at Murrayfield for silverware and try and add to the success of our senior team.”

Under-18 Bowl: Hamilton v Peebles Colts, back pitches, 6pm

Hamilton captain, Adam Ryan, said: “Everyone is fit and excited for Tuesday’s match. It will be a great experience for the whole team as it is the first time many of us will have played at the national stadium.”

Peebles Colts captain, Richard Harrison, said: “We’ve been going well this season and we’ve now got a chance to defend our title. We’re delighted to be back at Murrayfield this year.”

Under-16 Cup: Currie v Hawick Albion, international pitch, 6.15pm

Currie captain, Scott McGinley, said: “Tuesday’s match will be a great way to finish the season, no matter what the result. It’s been an amazing year so far and hopefully we can end it on a high. It has taken a big effort to get here and it’ll require an even bigger one to win.”

Hawick Albion captain, Grant Huggan, said: “We’re feeling quite nervous about the final, but good at the same time. It would mean everything to win this match. We’ve been the underdogs in every game and to get this far has been excellent.”

Under-18 Cup: Gala Wanderers v Stirling County Colts, international pitch, 8pm

Gala Wanderers captain, Blair Reavely, said: “Everything we’ve been doing recently has been geared towards this match. Our season in the Borders isn’t finished yet, but our aim is to win the National Youth League Cup. It’s an exciting opportunity to take-on the defending champions.”

Stirling County Colts captain, Andrew Stewart, said: “We’re really looking forward to coming back to Murrayfield and playing on the international pitch. This will be my third time here, but first time as captain, which will present quite a different challenge.”