Scottish Rugby statement on keeping rugby clean

Scottish Rugby takes a very clear stance on anti-doping and we have a zero-tolerance policy on doping offences in Scotland.

We are committed to keeping the game in Scotland clean through a programme of robust drugs-testing coupled with education on the dangers of illegal substances.
Scottish Rugby, working in partnership with anti-doping agencies and other governing bodies, undertakes a programme of drugs-testing after-matches, after training, out of competition and at home.Testing can occur at any level of the game, anywhere and at any time.

Since the 2009-2010 season there have been around 800 drugs tests in Scottish Rugby, at all levels of the game, and, in that period, there have now been two adverse findings – an amateur club player in 2010 who was found to have taken a slimming product that contained an illegal substance and, more recently, a club player who took a product because he naively thought it could help him to put on weight.

We are continuing to work diligently to ensure the importance of a drugs-free game is understood by all involved in the sport in Scotland.

Furthermore, Scottish Rugby discourages the use of nutritional supplements in players under the age of 18 and encourages healthy eating.

Scottish Rugby believes firmly in a core principle of the game of rugby union – that it is a sport for people of all shapes and sizes – and actively promotes the development of skills, particularly among young players.