Robson backs concussion guidance

Scotland team doctor and Scottish Rugby's Chief Medical Officer James Robson today backed the launch of a Scottish Government leaflet advising coaches, teachers and parents on how to spot the signs of concussion and what action to take.

The publication underlines the thinking, 'If in doubt, sit them out' and came to fruition following the death of Co Antrim schoolboy, Ben Robinson, in Northern Ireland. The 14-year-old died from a rare version of traumatic brain injury called second impact syndrome, after a school rugby match in 2011.

Dr Robson said: "I think this is a seminal moment in concussion education. Sadly it's borne out of tragedy, with the loss of young Ben Robinson, but his family have worked tirelessly to get the attention of governments and governing bodies and we're delightd to support the launch of this leaflet.

"This is building on work we've done [at Scottish Rugby] for the last four years - the Are you ready to play rugby? programme - we're trying to teach good technique, risk management, teach that sport is good for you, there are possible risks but if you're careful then you can enjoy a heathly lifestyle."

Shona Robison MSP, Minister for Sport and Commonwealth Games and Mike Russell MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning attended the launch at Edinburgh's Bangholm Sport and Outdoor Education Centre along with Rector Alec Morris, teachers and staff from Trinity Academy, and Ben Robinson's parents.

The new campaign is supported by Scottish Rugby, the Scottish Football Association and sportscotland, with the leaftlet being sent to sports governing bodies and schools.