Strategic plan update letter

Dear clubs and schools,

We have received support from our membership for the strategy initiatives covering academies, coaching pathways, schools and the women's game.

However, the reaction to the clubs’ paper has been more mixed.

Although many clubs accept and appreciate the need for increased quality at the top end of our amateur game there is concern that the proposed model creates tensions lower down the leagues and the semi-professional level we recommend may result in a player drain from National and Championship clubs.

Scottish Rugby remains committed to improving the game at Premiership level and the top end of our club game, however we want to take everyone with us on this journey.

As a result the Board has decided to defer and review the clubs initiative, meaning any potential changes to the Premiership will not take place until the 16/17 season.

We will set up a working group in early February to review the responses to our presentation and will look to come back to the membership by 30 April 2014 with an amended proposal. 

We intend to push on with the two initiatives we prioritised at our meeting on 4 December namely academies and the women's game with immediate effect.

Kind Regards

Mark Dodson